Saturday, February 4, 2012

My Angel Collection in the works.....

These are the angel paintings I've been working on. These are done in oil, and the Golden Angel has some pastels.

I'm not done with them, but I wanted to share them because they make me feel so great just to look at them--perhaps because they're angels:)

 Stay tuned. I'm currently working on a couple of the Goddess, Moriganna Le Fae. She will be the first in my Goddess collection.


  1. If you do some Goddesses, I'd be interested in what you did for Winged Isis. I commissioned a Winged Isis when I was still married to my 2nd husband and actually had some money; she looks a little like Cher ... :-) If I run across the image on-line again, I'll try to remember to send you a link, 'cause I know the artist sells prints of it. I particularly like the first angel on the page for realism - the last one has an exotic, almost feral look that I like, too. It's sort of hard to get a good feel for them with the watermark, but I totally understand why you've put it there :-)

    1. Thank you:) I would love to do a winged Isis. Maybe I could do one for one of the books:) I'm very open to doing com work, esp Goddess paintings:)

      Yeah, I'm working on a better watermark. I was also told to put low pix pics up so they're not worth the time to reproduce. Maybe I can get that done this weekend:) Then people will actually be able to see them:)

      I've been trying to work out what they're worth. Large oils go for a lot of money, and my instructor sells smaller ones for well over $1000. I've been meaning to ask her what a new artist should price them for.  However, she also uses a top quality linen canvas. The paints I use have quickly climbed the scale in quality, but while my canvases are the best the stores offer, they're not top quality linen. I'll have to work on that:)

    2. BTW I'm currently working on two Morrigana Le Faes, and one of Justce in The Fallen One:)